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R&E is capable to analyze and design all related business to Insulation material as:

Hot Insulation

Hot Insulation

R&E are a professional contractor for all type of insulation projects for, Industrial and Commercial sector.

R&E Specialist in applying all type of Insulation material as Rockwool/Calcium Silicate/Ceramic Fiber etc and Jacketing material like Aluminum/Alloy metal/Stainless steel, using local/International certified material.

We are specialized in executing hot insulation and Jacketing for:

Cold / Cryogenic Insulation

R&E execute all type of Cold / Cryogenic Insulation and cladding Projects for a temperature range up to -162 Degree Celsius.

R&E work with all type of cold Insulation material like cellular glass / fiber glass / Elastomeric rubber / Polyurethane / polyisocynurate and cladding material as Aluminum / Alloy metal / Stainless Steel.

R&E Specialized in executing Cold/Cryogenic Insulation for:

Acoustic / Personnel Protective Insulation

R&E Provide Acoustic as well as Personnel Protective Insulation solutions to Industrial sector.

R&E Offer design, material selection and Architectural Installation of insulation and Jacketing for Acoustic/Personnel Protective Purpose using local/International Certified Material.

R &E Specialized in executing Acoustic / Personnel Protective Insulation & jacketing for:

Refractory & Brick Installation

R&E Provide all kind of refractory hot resistance, Acid resistance, Abrasion resistance, and Fire resistance also Fire Bricks and high quality refractory new installation and repair services.

Our refractory technicians and masons have decades of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing refractoriness , firebrick, and fiber insulation in a broad variety of high temperature boilers and furnaces.